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Hi, to cut to the chase an alpha build of the Wii version of the game got dumped, and it's available
on the File Archives page on this website. I may do a video on it soon but theres alot of cool stuff
in it and I'd much rather you guys go explore it yourselves! It includes a debug menu aswell as some
cut "Wii Moments". Also turns out there is hope for TSG, I didn't realise how big the speedrunning community
for this game was.


Hello everyone, over the past week or so I've began work on a new project: CustomTO. What is it?
Essentially, it's my attempt of recreating The Simpsons: Tapped Out onto PC. Currently, you can
download the latest version (beta 0.0.2) here. I wouldn't say I have abandoned my hope for The
Simpsons Game, but with a lack of community, there is nothing for the poor game.


About 2 days ago, the writers and producers for The Simpsons held a panel for E3. And as you can
guess, alot of people got excited, I mean it's E3! The chances of getting something new was very
promising and talk of a remastered Hit and Run was among everyone. But what did we get? Nothing.
Our times were wasted, we got a shitty update for Tapped Out. Despite this, if your a hardcore fan
or just interested in the history of simpsons games, check it out. They spend alot of time talking
about games. But they didn't deliver anything. What a shame, but I suppose that's the problem with
EA, they are too hesistant to try something new.


So, it's been a week since I finally published my Simpsons Game Graphics Comparison Part 2.
I feel like pushing myself to make higher quality videos like this one is good practise. I'm
constantly shitposting on youtube so I never really try to get out there and create an audience
but my Simpsons Game based videos always do pretty well so maybe that's my calling, who knows.

I don't really know what else to really say, or why I'm even saying this. I feel like if there's
anyone even reading my blogs, then just know I'm gonna try to make some more videos and stay more
active on the website. Cheers.


I probably should give an explanation to what happened. Simply put, I more or less abandoned
my video plans and focused on other projects instead of The Simpsons Game based content in
which I promised. And for that, I'm sorry. On the other hand, I would like to dedicate this
blogpost to some old findings I had from researching the in-game files of the xbox360 version.

So for starters, the game is pretty much setup from a script called "simpsons_gameflow.lua"
and, as you guessed, was scripted in lua. It pretty much establishes the properties for each
level and costumes for the characters. I've tried messing around with it, but it would usually
crash my game or just make no changes at all.

Along with "simpsons_gameflow.lua", there are 2 other scripts that help setup the game. Those are
"simpsons_gameflow_helpers.lua" and "simpsons_scores.lua". "simpsons_gameflow_helpers.lua" helps
"simpsons_gameflow.lua" as it contains wrapper functions.

In other words, each level or *episode* is setup like so:


NewEpisode is a function, which is defined in "simpsons_gameflow_helpers.lua".

"simpsons_scores.lua" essentially is what makes earning coupons, time challenges and more possible.
I'll probably go more indepth on these in a later video but for now, I'm tired as fuck (its 4 a.m).
And my internet is shit at the moment. Peace.


Ok hey guys, it's only been a day since my last post but I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on how
to play The Simpsons Game on Xenia. First you want to download the D3D12 branch of Xenia here. Then
you wanna go ahead and obtain an .iso of The Simpsons Game what you can totally NOT GET by checking
the files tab on this website. Totally.

Okay so once you have both of these there's only 3 more steps. Extract both the files, run Xenia and
open 'simpsons-ntscu-cs.iso' and it should successfully load and there you go. You can use programs
to use a controller like DS4Windows given that the keyboard controls are extremely odd and not editible
but oh well. Here's some screenshots


Hey guys, its been an awful long time since my first/last post and alot has changed. I got a new
PC meaning while I still have all the assets for the video, I have to redo all my work which I
may or may not actually do. I have however been experimenting with Xenia, an XBOX360 emulator
and The Simpsons Game and I'm suprised how great the game works. At first, I ran Xenia with
Vulkan and the game played horribly, there was no cel-shading graphics and most of the time
the screen was black and I had to play the entire first level fucking blindfolded.

I thought I was doomed, until I downloaded the D3D12 branch of Xenia and....

It's like near perfect. It's amazing, although for some reason, none of the actual songs work.
You can hear audio like the characters talking and cutscenes and etc but there's no music
which is a shame. Playing with a keyboard is interesting too, I just wish you could use a
mouse to control the right stick instead of using the arrow keys.

I will most likely make a video on this along with a tutorial to setting up Xenia to play
this at home because playing this on PC is like a whole new experience and while they never
made this for PC I will never understand because this just shows how great it could've been


Hey guys, so this is my first blog I guess. I was deciding whether or not to make one but I guess I did.
I've had this website up for around 2 months yet and I'm still yet to invest money into it for custom
domains, better website hosting etc. If you want to donate, you can. But that's completely optional.

I wanted to make this first blog to explain why I made this website and some behind the scenes on my
follow up to my first graphics comparison video (which currently holds as my most watch video!!).

So the reason why I intended to make this website was because I wanted to make a hub and build a
community of people who love the simpsons game as much as I do. It was obvious there were many
people who did considering how popular my first video got. I also added a link to a discord for
people to join and etc. So yeah, pretty simple reason. Also making all these websites and images
for it is very fun.

Anyway, as far as the part 2 of my graphics comparison video goes, I've been working on it for about
a month and progress is pretty slow. It's hard since there is no area that is simply one colour
without cel shading seperating the floor from the wall. As well as this, I'm having to re-record
some footage as I just found better places to film than the last and etc etc. Here's some screen
shots if your interested: